How I Sold Weed As A Kid – STORY TIME

This is the full story of how i use to sell weed at school and work ! (MUST BE 21 YRS OR OLDER TO WATCH) ” How I sold WEED as a kid – STORY TIME ” I always just bought sacks with my homies to smoke never to sell .. until that one moment. I was so damn nervous that i would get caught during class and a whole scene would happen. It never came… it was just an awesome time. That first ounce i ever bought was straight bammer… but i thought it was dank back then ahahah.

Running around the school on Sunday night to hide the sacks ill never forget… just Joe and I smoking a joint starting a business as kids… some of the best times in my life. ( IN NO WHY AM I SAYING YOU SHOULD SELL WEED…. FOR ALL YOU COPS OUT THERE READIN THIS ahahah ) Thank you for watching ” How I sold WEED as a kid – STORY TIME ” Leave a LIKE Drop a COMMENT Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE Be sure to follow my other social media accounts for daily pictures , videos and giveaways. Instagram : @Yola_Youtube… I keep getting my IG deleted so always click the IG link in my youtube header for my most recent Instagram account (lame but i cant stop them deleting me)

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